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✖ Missed, Wrong, Slow Orders
✖ Waiting at the Table for more than 5 mins for Customers to make up their minds

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    Fast Food Shops

  • A small shop with tables, a dining area and a kitchen
  • 1 Order by scanning store codes, table codes and menu boards
  • 2 Printers in the kitchen to receive and prepare orders
  • 3 Orders to be picked up by customers or served by waiters

  • Rice Noodles, Economy Rice, Skewers, Malatang,
    Spicy Hot Pot, Bak Kut Teh

    Medium and Large-Sized Catering Restaurants

  • Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Hot Pot, etc. store with a large business area, many tables, private rooms and a separate kitchen

  • 1 Wait in line and pre-order
  • 2 Scan table codes to place orders
  • 3 Large kitchen area with multiple sections to print and prepare orders
  • 4 Waiters service the orders
  • 5 Scan codes to call waiters, or pay bills

  • Finance office organizes daily sales reports
    Owners view real-time business reports on their mobile devices.

    Small Shop/Kiosk

  • A small shop selling milk tea, beverages, juice, chicken chops, snacks etc. with a service window or a few stools, but no tables
  • 1 Scan store codes to order and pay wait for the call number to pick-up the orders
  • 2 Printer in the kitchen to receive and prepare the order
  • 3 Complete orders such as drinks and snacks and call service number to pick-up

  • Owners view real-time business reports on their mobile devices.

Mobile Ordering + POS System