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What’s New

Three ways restaurant can utilize Facebook to increase sales

For restaurants, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools – it brings you closer to your existing & potential customers!

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Special Occasions – Never Follow When You Can Lead 

Make the most of Special Occasions… don’t miss out on creating your own as well!

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Trends in the restaurant industry that you can’t miss

These game-changing restaurant industry trends are certainly here to stay, so consider keeping up with them.

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How to Choose Your POS Printer!

Not making much sense of all the options out there? Get some clarity on the best choice for your outlet!

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5 Signs it’s Time for a New Restaurant POS System

Missed the target? Dissatisfied customers? System crashed…again? Check if your business shows any sign that it’s time to look for a better restaurant POS system.

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7 Lessons on Keeping the Best F&B Talent

Beyond attracting these talents, keeping them was always going to be a challenge, especially in this highly competitive industry where top talent is rare…

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Congratulations to Gu Thai Noodle Cafe Team!

The FoodZaps team would like to congratulate the Gu Thai Noodle Cafe Team on the opening of their latest outlet!!!

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Business Plan For Your New F&B Business. Part 2.

As a restaurant owner, it is imperative that you understand the operations of your business inside out, especially during the initial stage of your business. Once you have come up with the Operations Manual, I would advise that you step back and focus on other aspects of the business while fine tuning the operations of the business.

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FoodZaps Supports In-DIY-Pendent !

Ever wonder why FoodZaps is known as the DIY Mobile Ordering system ?
Here are some creative DIY ideas by FoodZaps users that we love and decided to share with you!

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Business Plan For Your New F&B Business. Part 1.

Having a business plan for your business is one of the most important steps in starting a new business. A business plan will provide a backbone and structure to how you will proceed with your exciting new venture. So, what should you include in your business plan?

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8 Things To Consider Before Setting Up A New F&B Business

We will cover in general 8 things every aspiring restaurant owners should consider before setting up a new food & beverage business. We will lightly touch on each topic and will delve deeper into each topic in the upcoming posts.

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Review by FeedMyAppFeedMyApp Review

“Rather cleverly, FoodZaps let’s all the relevant departments view the app from their individual perspectives. The chef has the ability to keep the menu updated and monitor the cooking progress, the waiting staff have the menu at their fingertips and can take orders, send them to the kitchen in real time, monitor the progress of every dish for every table and bill the customer. Meanwhile, the manager gets a total overview, can check popular trends and the success of certain promotions as well as keeping an eye on stock levels.”

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Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.11.06 am

Pleasure to be featured on e27 this month!

Thank you for the recognition, we will keep up the good work in providing ultimate solutions to restaurants!

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FoodZaps, the 1st Patent-Pending Mobile Ordering + POS solution in Singapore . Proven it is so much smoother than other POS System.

“We used to operate on the big legacy POS, it gave us a lot of trouble as it does not function when the internet is down. The worse time was we wait for half hour for the internet to recover and to settle the bill. Leading angry customers leaving the restaurant.Sales was affected by then.Thankful for FoodZaps Solution, now we have an operation guarantee and closing daily sales became so easy.”

- Operation Manager of Pappamia Group

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Build Your FREE Online Menu in Just 3 Minutes

“We know website is a must-have thing for a food and beverage business. We are not looking for fancy functions, neither animation designs and hey, we can’t afford to wait for a month just for the the website developer to update our newly released menu ! People approach me say I need to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars every year just to keep the website running? That’s certainly not a worthy spending for a restaurant like us.” –  Mr.Goh, Operation Director of Dine Group

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Improve Productivity by more than 50%

Using FoodZaps Mobile Ordering + POS System, steps 2 to 6 and 10 to 15 into 1 step each.
At the same time, wastes in all other steps are reduced.

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anytime.pngCombination of Legacy POS and Cloud Based POS

FoodZaps has invented fail-safe restaurant management technology. It combined the Legacy POS performance and reliability; Cloud Based POS easy to setup and maintain; no requirement for internet connection during operation.

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SampleReceiptCROPMake The Most Out Of Receipts To Get More Sales!

1.  Let your customer remember you.

2.  Build a trusting relationship between you and your customer.

3.  Make your customer return by engaging them with all your exciting promotions and events.

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FoodZaps wins hands-down
I run the front service with 2 servers plus 1 bartender only, even when the restaurant is full. Once guests are ready to place orders, we walk to their tables with FoodZaps mobile devices instead of pen and paper. We enter the orders and press “Confirm” on our mobile devices. Almost immediately, the drinks counter, kitchen, cashier receive the orders while we are still standing at the tables! Read more

Muhammed Azli Operations ManagerSela RestaurantSingapore


 FoodZaps Mascot in Action ! 

Does the situation look familiar to you? Click to watch FoodZaps’ Mascots videos now ! Does the situation look familiar to you? Click to watch FoodZaps’ Mascots videos now !

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We agree FoodZaps is a must-have support tool for our franchisees.
We appreciate the customer service. During the installation trial in our new 2nd outlet, the team came regularly to check, troubleshoot and monitor the system. Sometimes staying back after our outlet is closed; to continue the system troubleshoot into late nights without interrupting our business operations. Read more

Jason Ho Marketing & Business DevelopmentNoodle Caféat Singapore