How was FoodZaps founded?

Project FoodZaps started in 2012.

Founder Huey Meng was waiting for his meal for what felt like an eternity when the staff brought him the wrong dish for the second time. Looking around, he noticed the outdated system, understaffed outlet, wondering was he in a museum or a fully functional restaurant.

After chatting with the owner, Huey Meng got the context he needed – upgrading to a more sophisticated automated ordering system required resources beyond the proprietor’s reach and hiring more staff was too costly.

That was it.

What if we could leverage existing technology to create a more efficient, scalable, easy to maintain, and affordable solution?

Android was the obvious platform of choice – flexible and customisable. Today, most smart devices (Phones, Tablets, Wearables, and TVs) are pre-loaded with Android.

With Cloud Technology becoming cost-efficient and scalable, our Team developed a solution that allows you to stay connected even with an unstable internet connection. Our Fail-Safe Hybrid solution is Patent Pending.

FoodZaps is an Android Point Of Sale Platform. We want anyone around the World to benefit from our solution, so we made it available to everyone as an app and simple to setup so you can Do It Yourself.


Our Vision

Smart People. Smart Business.

Simply Connected.

Our Mission

We are the most Empowering Platform for the F&B industry. Simply Connected with Intelligent Technology.

Progression & Timeline

August 2016

  • Migrated the Server to Amazon EC2

July 2016

  • Pre-Qualified Integrated Solution Provider under Singapore ICV Programme

March 2016

  • FoodZaps Enhanced POS – V3

February 2016

  • Angel Funding – Round 2

January 2016

  • Android PlayStore – 50,000 downloads
  • Reseller / Partner Program

December 2015

  • Software As A Service
  • Do-It-Yourself

March 2015

  • FoodZaps V2 – Inventory / Stock Management

January 2015

  • Android PlayStore – 10,000 downloads

October 2014

  • Angel Funding – Round 1

September 2014

  • Patent Pending – Failed Safe

June 2014

  • FoodZaps V1 – Restaurant Ordering System

January 2014

  • Officially Registered in Singapore – FoodZaps Technology Pte. Ltd.

March 2013

  • FoodZaps – laboratory

August 2012

  • FoodZaps – idea