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The All-in-One and Integrated POS System Built for SMEs

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• Versatile Kitchen Management Solution

• Works Online and Offline!

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Suitable for all kinds of F&B Setups

Looking for an all-in-one business solution for your F&B operations? Choose among the many setup options tailormade for your café, hawker stall, Grab N Go kiosk, restaurant, bar or club.


Café POS System

Provide baristas with the capability to serve customers with swift precision. Take orders through any Android device for over the counter, waiter, or self-service setups.


POS System for Hawker Stalls

Lightweight and space-saving, our patented technology works online and offline, so you won’t have to worry about weak or no internet connection. It’s your hassle-free kitchen management tool!

Grab-and-Go (1)

Grab N Go/Kiosk POS System

Our patented technology delivers diverse features to make your operations easier. Leverage the advantages of a dual-screen quick order menu, picture eMenu, and multipayment options.


POS System for Restaurants

Maximize portable mobile e-Waiter ordering, comprehensive kitchen monitoring, flexible data analytics, sales overviews, inventory controls, and table status management to keep your loyal customers coming back. Enjoy a seamless POS system designed for efficiency and productivity.


Bar/Club POS System

With streamlined operations, turn your busy bar or club into an enjoyable dining experience worth celebration. Utilize ingredient-level inventory management to ensure your kitchen is readily supplied, and portable ordering and at-the-table billing to keep your guests well-served and satisfied.



Flexible Features of an All-in-One POS System

Use a wide range of powerful tools at your fingertips to manage and operate a café, hawker stall, Grab N Go kiosk, restaurant, bar or club with FoodZaps’ POS System.

eMenu POS

Provide an updated eMenu that mirrors your restaurant menu and ensure your online customers get to order their favourites wherever their location!

Waiter Mobile Ordering

Perfect for swift and accurate service, mobile ordering enables waitstaff to transact quickly, and with centralized data, efficiently cater to take-away, dine-in or self-service orders.

Customer QR Self-Ordering

Provide customers with more transaction options with QR code self-ordering. For those that prefer quick over-the-counter purchases, self-ordering is the innovative solution!

Self-Order & Pickup Queue Display

Customize your eMenu and ensure that customers view the complete list of items in your restaurant menu, and with a pickup queue display, they get to pick up their meals fresh from the kitchen.

Portable Payment POS

We make transaction management faster and easier with a portable payment POS system that enables customized receipts and payment types, split bills, credit and debit card capabilities, and more.

Devices Versatility (Works on any Android devices)

FoodZaps supports a wide range of device compatibility and multiple ordering through smartphones and tablets. Enjoy hassle-free integration with synchronized data for all POS hardware and software.


1. Registered and Operate in Singapore
2. Min. 30% local shareholding
3. Annual turnover of <$100 million and has <200 employees

* No CPF Record Required
* Fresh Registered Companies are welcome too

Save Up to 80% With FoodZaps’s Simple-To-Use System!

Flexible Android hardware with no server needed in-shop. FoodZaps is Singapore’s only company with Patented Technology.

You don’t have to worry about having no or poor internet connection. Our systems can work without internet for up to a week!

And with an internet connection, you can offer self-ordering and gain access to data analytics!