• Picture Presented Menu

Prepare yourself with the beautifully picture presented menu, with the menu search mythology and multi-languages support, you will be able to see and feel how simple and fast the ordering process can be.

With FoodZaps, you can view your customised eMenu in NON-TRADITIONAL way :

List View

Grid View

Detailed View

View by Category

  • Easy to Setup eMenu

Setting up your eMenu is very simple, everything can be done quickly within a few click from your favourite tablet or even on FoodZaps user's web portal when you are far away from your restaurant.

Simply login to your controller or your web portal, create a new item using a dish image,descriptions and prices (Item prices can be set according to specific serving unit).

Mark your dishes with “Chef Recommended” , “Most Popular” icons to promote the dishes.With FoodZaps, you can even setup set meals with pre-set optional/compulsory modifier that is either chargeable with special prices or complementary in your set meal !

  • Update menu at Anytime in Any Languages

Always keep your menu updated with latest delights using your preferred languages. You can also arrange dish in your preferred order.



  • One-Click Ordering

Place order in the most efficient manner 

Quick Order

Order Station

Simply click on the customer's order and send the order to the respective prepare station in real-time. The order details will be printed from each respective printer and will be shown in progress monitoring screen. Eliminating the intermediate delay and the trouble of having the staff to run back and forth from the kitchen, leaving the staffs more time to attend to the customer’s needs.

You will be able to manage your order according to your table number, move an order quickly from table to table, you can even spilt or join a table by customer’s preference.

  • Item Modifiers

Customize the customer’s order by selecting various options from the pre-set modifier or adding specify instructions manually.



  • Real-Time Progress

The progress station allows you to monitor your dish progress from “waiting for confirmation”,“Waiting for cooking”, “Cooking”, “Serving”, “Served” to “Billed”. Assisting you better get back to the customer on their order status and also to inform the waiter when the dish is ready to be served.

You will be able to view all order status by category (e.g. drink, salad, main course, etc.) / progress status / prepare station / table number and by dish name.



  • Easy To Setup

Get over with manpower shortage and shorten the customer waiting time, FoodZaps’ POS can be easily setup into any tablet or easy-to-carry android handset devices within minutes.

  • Real Time Information

FoodZaps serves an user friendly POS enables real-time billing. Your staff will be able to make the billing at anywhere of the restaurant without running back and forth from the POS station.

Not only that your staff will be able to access real-time information. FoodZaps also enable Quick Order for last minute add-ons or a grab-and-go order.

With FoodZaps, your staff will be able to perform all kind of actions based on their pre-set user rights, such as saving a regular customer’s favorite orders, bookmark an order for later payment, re-open a previous miscalculated order.

FoodZaps supports billing in different format, you can adjust the discount, tax/gst, additional charges, spilt the bill by dishes, amount or even different payment type. 

Billing From Order Station

Billing From Quick Order

View / Reopen Historical Bill



  • Optimise your inventory experience

FoodZaps helps you to keep detailed track of your inventory, deducts inventory according to your daily order process. Gives you warning when the stock reached a minimum quantity, assists you in everyday stock take as well as to provide you with the information you need and to help you organise your business.


Create New Stock

Stock Details

Stock Take



FoodZaps' reporting dashboard provides you with the most comprehensive analytic reports with actionable information to assist you on improving your menu and service, as well as to support your decision making on the business operation. 

  • View Reports at Anytime and Anywhere

Login to your reporting dashboard portal to monitor your business's operation whenever and wherever you are via any web browser.

  • Support Data Analysis for Multiple Outlets/Franchises/POS Stations

FoodZaps will be your perfect partner to assist you expanding your business. The FoodZaps' reporting dashboard providing you with the flexibility to gain insight with the detailed reports from any of your outlets/franchises/POS Station. FoodZaps helps you to make analysis based on each individual outlets/franchises/POS Station or analysis the data as a group by simply choosing the controller you've installed in each store. 


  • Comprehensive View 

View trends, top items, order/transaction details , table turn and lists of your best business traffic flow. Gain insight into your business operation and sales funnel, as the business going through the ordering process.

FoodZaps shows you each step and details of the process and put comprehensive informations into analytic reports , so you can figure out where changes can be made to optimize your sales.

Sales Report

Table Turn Record

Order Details

Transaction Summary

Customer Traffic

Transaction Details

Top Dish Analysis