Missed the target? Dissatisfied customers? System crashed…again? Check if your business shows any sign that it’s time to look for a better restaurant POS system.


Do you complain a lot about your restaurant POS system? Do you find it difficult to navigate, customize and analyze? Or perhaps you’re giving the benefit of the doubt–maybe it’s not really your current system. Who knows–the blame could be on your crew, your customers, the weather, or the wind?


If you have a bad POS system that needs replacement, chances are, your customers and crew are feeling it too. Here are 5 telltale signs that you need to invest in a better restaurant POS system.


1. Peak hours are a nightmare.

Peak hours such as Friday nights are a great opportunity to impress more customers than the usual. However, if you’re running on a less robust restaurant POS system, then you’re not really getting the most out of these opportunities. Constant system errors and server crashes will keep your business from running at the optimal turnover rate, when people are supposed to keep coming in.


2. Your servers spend very little time with guests.

Ideally, your servers should be somewhere near customers, ready to respond to any call for an extra plate of rice or a bucket of ice. As restaurant-goers ourselves, we know that having no one around to respond to these requests is a mortal sin for any establishment. Therefore, if your crew spends too much time on the host station, second-guessing which button to press next or clicking too many dialog boxes (if not error messages), it’s probably time to think about investing in a more user-friendly restaurant POS system.


3. Someone didn’t get his order…again.

Have you ever dined with a huge group and watch all their food arrive one by one, but not yours? Most of us have been there, and it’s pretty embarrassing. As a restaurant owner, you want to spare your customers of this terrible experience. Aside from the possibility of human error, if it happens too often (and even with your most experienced servers), it’s probably your POS system to blame.


4. Your POS dictates how your restaurant works.

As a restaurateur, the last thing you want is to run your business like the old bistro across the street so you can adapt to the confines of a common POS system. Whether it’s your floor plan, menu, or optional combos, your chosen restaurant POS system has to adjust for the nuances of your unique restaurant–and not the other way around. Some customers would choose a slightly more pricey restaurant that allows the convenience of an extra ranch dressing, over one that is cheaper but can’t offer such options. Thus, a perfectly-customizable restaurant POS system could just be your next selling point!


5. You can’t tell how your business is doing right now.

Have you been to a long trip and now you’re having a hard time to catch up? What’s worse, your current POS system is taking too long to generate reports? You can’t be there to watch your business 24/7. Therefore, FoodZaps offers a Sales Trend Analysis feature, which reports daily updated through an online portal. This should help you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere.

Your restaurant’s POS system doesn’t have to be a major headache. Invest in a good POS system such as FoodZaps, and watch your business grow.