In the past, it was hard to print on most commercial printers from your Android Devices. This would be an issue especially if you wanted to print receipts or reports on printers other than your POS printers. This issue is now in the past.   We have finally resolved this problem. Now that printer brands have released free apps to perform these tasks, we have also developed our solution to allow you to print directly from FoodZaps. Well, talking to some of our friends in the industry, we understand this will make your life easier.     So you will now

Missed the target? Dissatisfied customers? System crashed…again? Check if your business shows any sign that it’s time to look for a better restaurant POS system.   Do you complain a lot about your restaurant POS system? Do you find it difficult to navigate, customize and analyze? Or perhaps you’re giving the benefit of the doubt–maybe it’s not really your current system. Who knows–the blame could be on your crew, your customers, the weather, or the wind?   If you have a bad POS system that needs replacement, chances are, your customers and crew are feeling it too. Here are 5 telltale

The waiter took my order and left to attend the other tables. After observing him on the next tables, I realized how lucky this establishment are to have him. The guy had managed to smoothly double my bill… and the best part is, I was happy to fork out the extra cash. He was good. Not an order-taker. A salesman. A great one. He sold experience. He could have sold chicken to a vegetarian. Why? He cared. Then I turned to observe the other order-takers and realized that actually it was not luck – they were all really good! It

The whole FoodZaps team would like to congratulate Chris & the whole Gu Thai Noodle Café team for successfully launching their latest outlet. A year since opening his first outlet, Chris Ho and his team have built quickly on success and are now on their third outlet. Thai Noodle Café is famous for their customizable Thai Boat Noodles (starting at $1.90 per bowl) amongst other delicious items.It is rumoured that their closely-guarded secret recipes are only known by a handful… A tribute to their popularity is the number of articles which can be found online and offline. Most importantly, they

Hope you find that this 3-part series on writing business plan for F&B businesses to be useful. If you haven’t read the first part of this blog post, you can find it here, Business Plan For Your New F&B Business. Part 1. In Part 2 of this article, we will cover what you have to take into consideration when you are writing the Operations portion of your business plan. As you read on, if you have been in the F&B industry, you might find that these information are nothing new. We’d still recommend that you put everything down on paper so