When Mr Tan approached us to discuss his plan for a new outlet for Kopi Ong (aka Kopi King), we could hardly hold our excitement back. Some projects are destined to be successful. This is one of them. When we tasted his Brew Master’s unique brand of coffee, we were ready to do whatever it takes to work together on this special project. Tucked in one of Singapore’s more prominent areas, the CBD, Kopi Ong’s latest location is in Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3. A place better known for fast-paced of work and prestigious companies. We will discuss two main points

Minister of Manpower – Mr Lim Swee Say In early November 2016, we participated in one of Singapore’s leading events for Productivity Technologies. The Singapore Productivity Conference & Exhibition is organized by the Singapore Business Federation. The guest of honor was Minister of Manpower Mr Lim Swee Say . In his speech to the assembly, Mr Lim Swee Say emphasized the importance of local businesses to improve productivity to stay competitive. He highlighted that businesses need to re-examine their processes to find bottlenecks. As a result, they can  upgrade their processes. It is important to improving both speed and quality of

“Rather cleverly, FoodZaps let’s all the relevant departments view the app from their individual perspectives. The chef has the ability to keep the menu updated and monitor the cooking progress, the waiting staff have the menu at their fingertips and can take orders, send them to the kitchen in real time, monitor the progress of every dish for every table and bill the customer. Meanwhile, the manager gets a total overview, can check popular trends and the success of certain promotions as well as keeping an eye on stock levels.” http://feedmyapp.com/review/complete-restaurant-pos-ordering-billing-your-android/

FoodZaps wins hands-down I run the front service with 2 servers plus 1 bartender only, even when the restaurant is full. Once guests are ready to place orders, we walk to their tables with FoodZaps mobile devices instead of pen and paper. We enter the orders and press “Confirm” on our mobile devices. Almost immediately, the drinks counter, kitchen, cashier receive the orders while we are still standing at the tables! We don’t walk back and forth the restaurant so many times now. We save lots of time, energy and give better services at the tables – pour water, serve

“We used to operate on the big legacy POS, it gave us a lot of trouble as it does not function when the internet is down. The worse time was we wait for half hour for the internet to recover and to settle the bill. Leading angry customers leaving the restaurant.Sales was affected by then.Thankful for FoodZaps Solution, now we have an operation guarantee and closing daily sales became so easy.” – Operation Manager of Pappamia Group “Pappamia Group carrying a number of restaurants in Singapore, we dedicated in offering excellent dinning experience to our customers by providing them with