“Do it yourself, also known as DIY, is the method of BUILDING, MODIFYING, or PREPARING something without the direct aid of experts or professionals.”

– Wikipediaorg].(2016).Wikipediaorg Retrieved,21 March, 2016,from


Some creative DIY ideas by FoodZaps users that we love and decided to share with you

1. Cool tablet stand… oh wait … it prints !


Get it all running with DIY All-In-One FoodZaps Cashier

2. Why purchase a charging station … when you have a stylish vintage case !


Power up with DIY FoodZaps Charging Station !

3. Where is your FoodZaps ? We know theirs are in the pockets, Always.


Carry FoodZaps with DIY Made-To-Order Apron.Everything just Fit.


How does your DIY FoodZaps look ? Share with us and get the chance to win a FoodZaps Best Creativity Award prize !