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Simple ways to make receipts work harder for your F&B business

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1. Let your customer remember you
Like your business card, receipt represents your business too. Place your logo in a visible area because image speaks louder than words! Also do state your business details to let customers come back to you to the right place and at the right time!

2. Build a trusting relationship between you and your customer
When there is a promotion or discount given, make sure your customer are aware of what they’ve enjoyed. Listing the billing in details to let customers know what they are paying for without a doubt and give them the confident for a return visit.

3. Make your customer return by engaging them with all your exciting promotions and events.
Most people read their receipts carefully and keep them. This is a valuable opportunity to share information such as discount off their next order or call-for-action to become your fan on social media. Make receipts part of your engagement plan with customers, just as you do with social media.


* Studies show customers engaged with a brand have more loyalty and will go out of their way to locate a favored product or service. (Gallup)