“We used to operate on the big legacy POS, it gave us a lot of trouble as it does not function when the internet is down. The worse time was we wait for half hour for the internet to recover and to settle the bill. Leading angry customers leaving the restaurant.Sales was affected by then.Thankful for FoodZaps Solution, now we have an operation guarantee and closing daily sales became so easy.” – Operation Manager of Pappamia Group


“Pappamia Group carrying a number of restaurants in Singapore, we dedicated in offering excellent dinning experience to our customers by providing them with a wide range of varieties in our cuisines. Rv Burger is one of our most popular brands offering delicious Gourmet Burgers with choices of traditional and Asian flavors. We used to operate on the big legacy POS, the system does not work without internet, that legacy POS which suppose to assist our on-floor staff in settle billing and ordering, actually slows down our customer service due to the unstable internet in that branch. The worse time was we wait for half hour for the internet to recover and to settle the bill. Leading angry customers leaving the restaurant.Sales was affected by then. Consolidating sales report is another headache, our staffs need to take shift to stay back just to print out sales report, cartons of printed receipts and reports is sent to our main office monthly, which will be subsequently processed by our 6 in-house accountants. Taking huge amount of time in closing accounts, extra effort to key in records to a third party software for recording.

And FoodZaps Solution came to RV Burger, now we have an operation guarantee and closing daily sales become so easy, we’re glad that we’ve found the solution that overcomes our internet problem and auto close sales. It’s so easy to use. Now we have access to all sales details and reports from any web browser even when we are off from site, and the report is amazing.”

– Operation Manager of Pappamia Group


“It’s actually hard to find a good burger for a decent price in Singapore.” so says a satisfied RV Burger customer in Singapore and adds that you should definitely drop in if “you’re in the River Valley Rd area and you need a change from the endless noodle bars.” Aha, that is why this place is always hopping with customers! Excellent food always brings people in, along with good ambiance and superb customer service which has just become that much better with the recent addition of the groundbreaking FoodZaps Mobile Ordering + Point of Sales solution.

Decadent smoked salmon eggs Benedict, ultra juicy bacon and cheese burgers or cold drinks won’t bring patrons back if the service was slow or the food orders were incorrect. RV Burger, a cozy and chic restaurant managed by the Singapore Pappamia Group, decided that their customers deserved nothing but the best service, and elevated their already great customer service to a new level of excellence by introducing the FoodZaps Mobile Ordering + Point of Sales system. Customers are very happy, as are the staff members who enjoy the ease and simplicity that FoodZaps brings to their work day. With FoodZaps, the server inputs the order electronically, exactly as the customer wants it, and sends it directly to the kitchen. No scribbled paper orders to be lost, misread or delayed. Customers, servers and cooks love FoodZaps!


Who else loves FoodZaps? Management loves FoodZaps! Since installing the FoodZaps system at RV Burger, managers have been delighted with the automatic hourly and daily sales reports that are generated. These reports are very detailed and extremely useful for learning about customer trends, which foods are top sellers, what times RV Burger is busiest, and much more. This leads to more efficient staffing and inventory controls, and in the end a much more streamlined restaurant emerges.


Image 3.1 Staff at RV Burger closing daily sales and printing report for the past one month as references


Image 3.2 After implementing FoodZaps, Daily Sales report is auto-closed and reports are sent daily to designated emails, sales details are accessible from any web browser

FoodZaps also allows the end of the day to run smoothly with an Auto-Close feature that requires no effort at all on the managers’ part. Another beautiful feature of FoodZaps is that it can be run and viewed on any web browser. A manager could easily check in on their business from anywhere on any web browser, even off site.


Image 4. Legacy POS (Before) does not function when internet is down, dedicated hardware, high maintenance cost VS. FoodZaps Ordering+POS Solution(After), neither legacy nor cloud based POS, FoodZaps Singapore Patent Pending technology allows it to work perfectly with unstable internet without the need of having a server, and can be easily setup on any Android device.

And FoodZaps isn’t just any POS system – it’s better! In places where internet connections are unreliable or the electricity is less than perfect, FoodZaps shines. What customer wants to wait around to order a meal while you try again and again to connect to the internet? Not too many. Hungry people don’t have the patience for that. FoodZaps will run problem free all of the time, no matter what your internet or electrical difficulties may be.

So our friends at RV Burger do what they do best, create and serve spectacular dishes to satisfied customers every day. The cooks prepare meals of great colour and taste without ever worrying about missing inventory ingredients, lost or poorly written food orders or trouble communicating with the serving staff. Each server is confident that their customer’s order arrived instantaneously


FoodZaps giving training to the staffs at RV Burger Singapore

in the kitchen in a clear form and that it will be prepared quickly just as it was ordered. The management does not have hours of tedious paper work waiting for them at closing time. FoodZaps has taken care of it all!

RV Burger’s customers rock! They deserve excellent food, a fun dining experience and friendly service. With FoodZaps, these great customers will always be assured of getting their food quickly, exactly as ordered. Simplified operation for staff, good time for the customer – it’s a beautiful thing!