Facebook is not only a popular way to keep up with your friends that may be half way across the world, or just down the street, but also a great way for restaurant businesses to keep up with your customers.

For restaurants, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools, not only does it have a high number of users who use it daily; it also brings your business closer to your customers and potential customers.

Of course, as a business, you can purchase Facebook ads to promote your restaurant, menus, and promotions, but there are also other ways that you can utilize Facebook without spending any money.

Here are three of our favorite approaches to increasing sales for restaurants using Facebook marketing.

1. The power of sharing.

Facebook is a social platform. What it means is that Facebook shares is the currency of Facebook. To be successful on Facebook, you need to engage your fans with interesting and entertaining posts. When they share and comment on your posts, you’re spreading your brand organically.

Not only do you save on marketing budget, but you also increase the credibility of your restaurant. Organic content has shown to increase conversion rates.

Nowadays, people don’t like to see direct advertisements. Organic content shared is the new “word of mouth” marketing. People buy from brands they trust. Organic content will increase your confidence factor and credibility as a restaurant that provides quality food.

Aim to write high-quality content, interesting and engaging posts, with memorable photos.

2. Heaven on the eyes.


What do you think of the photo above? Do you feel like eating some burgers and chips now?

That’s the power of visuals.

Humans are superficial. We all look at pretty things. Nice visuals attract us. Nice visuals stand out from the crowd. Nice visuals grab attention. Nice visuals make people imagine. Nice visuals sell.

Most restaurants have a nice menu and signboard. But many restaurants do not invest in posting good quality photos on their Facebook page. Why is that so? Your Facebook page is your new menu. People go to check out your Facebook page before deciding whether to come down to your restaurant.

You need awesome visuals to sell to these customers. Invest in great visuals on your Facebook page.

Being able to take your own delectable pictures on your menu to show your guests at will is invaluable – a picture does speak a thousand words. Learn more about how you can take advantage of your eMenu on FoodZaps to showcase your offering!


3. Let customers take pictures


Another approach is to have an Instagram-worthy place for customers to take photos at.

It can be a place with your signboard, and some funny props, or a place with an excellent background and view. The idea is to make customers proud that they are here to eat.

People like to take photos of what they eat, where they eat; basically, Instagram-worthy photos, to show their friends.

Having a nice place for customers to take pictures in will attract more people to your restaurant.




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