These game-changing restaurant industry trends are certainly here to stay, so consider keeping up with them.


The world is changing, and so are your customers. And while it’s good to have a couple of mainstays and all-time favorites–if you want your business to stay relevant–your restaurant’s menu and practices shouldn’t stay all the same. Here are five remarkable trends in the restaurant industry that are sure to shape the game for the next few years.


1. Cleaner menus.

It’s given that people are becoming more concerned about what makes up the food they eat. Thanks to the Internet, there’s now a growing awareness of hormones in meat, pesticides in vegetables, GMO’s everywhere, and not to mention the levels of sodium and trans-fat in our food. As awareness grows, vegetable-based menus, organic produce and minimal use of flavorings and additives would be the inevitable trend moving forward. A growing number of people are also beginning to take on special diets–from vegan, to pescetarian, to flexitarian–so you might want to have something for them in your menu as well.


2. Explosive flavor fusions.

Chefs have been mixing up things in the kitchen quite literally, and we are loving it. Now that most diners already had a taste of various ethnic cuisines, from Korean, to Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, French and Indonesian, fusions have become the next big thing. The likes of Laksa Pasta, Ramen Burgers, Nasi Lemak Cupcakes, and Korean Rib Tacos do not only pique interest but also satisfy the palates of diners. What could be your restaurant’s signature fusion dish?


3. The hotter, the better.

Sriracha, Sambal, Gochujang, and Jalapeno have been pretty popular in the past few years, and moving forward, these chillis will get even hotter. Perhaps because our palates are already used to the average dose of spice that the mantra is no longer just to ‘spice things up’, but to dare the bravest of your diners to try the hottest they can take. Moreover, chilis are expected to become more widely used, even in dishes that don’t traditionally make use of them, such as pasta, fried chicken, and even ice cream.


4. Desserts get wackier.

Speaking of ice cream, would you consider trying a scoop of savory White Pepper Ice Cream? What about Sushi Donuts? Over-the-Top Milkshakes? Most likely, your customers are adventurous enough and would love to try these outrageous and Instagram-worthy sweets. Your restaurant should seize the opportunity to get creative and invent the next trending dessert in town, by working on some truly unique and over-the-top ideas.


5. Tech industry invasion.

The food industry is not immune to the ubiquity of smartphones and their apps, and it’s certainly for the better. Mobile ordering apps, social media presence, and advanced POS systems have now become a necessity in order to allow restaurants to remain competitive. With rising spending capacities and less free time, consumers are now willing to pay more so that they can receive convenient and efficient services. Get on the tech boat and don’t get left behind!

The secret in staying relevant is striking a balance between keeping up with current trends in the restaurant industry while staying true to your business’ unique identity. Change can be intimidating, but if it’s calculated and you’re well-equipped for it, then it’s worth the risk.