In the past, it was hard to print on most commercial printers from your Android Devices. This would be an issue especially if you wanted to print receipts or reports on printers other than your POS printers. This issue is now in the past.   We have finally resolved this problem. Now that printer brands have released free apps to perform these tasks, we have also developed our solution to allow you to print directly from FoodZaps. Well, talking to some of our friends in the industry, we understand this will make your life easier.     So you will now

  We don’t believe that marketing for your business has to be costly. Sometimes we just don’t think of the most obvious things we can do to help our business gain more exposure, get more return business, and a healthier bottom line. As Food & Beverage professionals, we often have to wear many hats, and we can easily overlook certain items. We want to help you out a little by giving you some tips on growth hacking with one of the simplest tools you have on hand – the receipt ticket! Some of these items take a bit of discipline