Are you thinking of how you could increase your restaurant’s revenue and get more customers coming in? Chances are, you’re already too busy managing the day-to-day activities and operations of your restaurant business. The reality is that you need to stay on top of your revenue targets every month. Special occasions can be the usual birthdays & holidays, but you can also create events and make them a unique attraction for your customers.   1. Promotions – To Exist Or To Create     Promotions are a great way to give your customers an incentive to come to your restaurant.

Facebook is not only a popular way to keep up with your friends that may be half way across the world, or just down the street, but also a great way for restaurant businesses to keep up with your customers. For restaurants, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools, not only does it have a high number of users who use it daily; it also brings your business closer to your customers and potential customers. Of course, as a business, you can purchase Facebook ads to promote your restaurant, menus, and promotions, but there are also other ways